Our Extreme Drink Mix contains our proprietary blend of water soluble CBGA, CBG, CBDA, and CBD for exceptional bioavailability.

25MG Total Cannabinoids (per serving)
Contains <0.3% D9 THC & THCA

30 day supply (210g jar, 7g per serving)


Extreme Drink Mix with CBGa, CBDa, CBG, and CBD.

All of our Extreme Drink Mixes are manufactured in our facility right here in the USA. We personally choose high-quality and well-cared-for hemp and process it using our solvent-less cold-water extraction process. We use only food grade ingredients in making our drink mixes. No solvents are used during any of our processes. Along the way in making our finished retail products, we deliver solvent-free, full-spectrum cannabinoid-rich kief and rosin with a robust terpene profile.  Our Extreme Drink Mixes are available in multiple flavors and are completely water soluble.

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