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Cold Water. Solventless.

North America’s most innovative high volume, all-natural, environmentally friendly, hemp ingredient extractor. We provide business-to-business bulk and white label products as well as our own line of high quality retail products.


Our CHILL and PARTY PUNCH drink mixes contain our proprietary blend of water soluble CBGA, CBG, CBDA, and CBD plus hemp derived Delta-9 and Delta-8 (Chill only) for exceptional bioavailability. This special blend comes in a variety of flavors.


Licensed in the state of Illinois for hemp processing, we provide a disruptive collection of proprietary 100% solvent-less technologies for extracting CBGA, CBG, CBDA, and CBD, utilizing only the highest quality flower grown in the United States.


CaviCann provides world class, full-spectrum CBGA and CBDA kief made with the highest standards of biomass and the most advanced high-volume extraction process. Our exclusive water-based extraction method consistently delivers solvent-free, full spectrum cannabinoid-rich kief with a robust terpene profile.

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Using our proprietary drying process, we remove only excess moisture leaving our highly concentrated world-class kief ready for market or further processing.


CaviCann introduces our world class rosin from our solvent-less cold water extracted kief. Our rosin is high in CBGA and CBDA, derived from the most natural extraction methods available. CaviCann rosin is full spectrum and retains a valuable number of unique cannabinoids that would otherwise be left behind by other extraction techniques.

Water Soluble

CaviCann water soluble rapid absorption CBGA and CBDA with a total minor’s package, is the ideal solution for infusing beverages, topicals, and edibles.  As a result, it can be integrated seamlessly with pre-existing formulations requiring little to no changes to manufacturing or packaging processes.

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